We need new, collaborative models.

EQIV combines the patience of philanthropic capital and the innovation of entrepreneurship to create impact at scale.

We can balance returns with social impact.

We believe funders don’t have to choose between solid financial returns and social impact. That’s why we invest into metrics proven to have both high financial and impact ROI, such as access to preventative healthcare, food security, economic mobility, educational empowerment, and climate resilience.

Inclusion is strength.

EQIV funds allocate at least ⅓ of all funding to Black and brown founders, at least ⅓ of all funding to women founders, and the remainder to all others.

Our models will scale. Our models will travel.

We will apply new, collaborative funding models and invest into novel and innovative business ideas focused on the social determinants of health and happiness in emerging communities. We'll test ideas locally and regionally first, then scale and export the ideas that work to similar communities throughout the United States.

For Foundations & DAFs

Flexibility & mission alignment

We work with foundations and donor-advised funds (DAFs) through PRI / MRI, balancing financial returns while extending their mission-driven impact.

For Corporations

CSR wins & sound investments

We work with corporations to forward their corporate social responsibility mission while making sound investments in impact-driven entrepreneurs.

For Private investors

Social impact & venture returns

We work with private and angel investors to create long-term, sustainable social impact while providing market-rate venture returns.

Our Ecosystem of Partners

We are partnering with regional and national organizations to drive
deal flow, accelerate promising ideas and scale models that gain traction.

Equilibrium General Partners