Collaboration catalyzes impact.

We combine the patience of philanthropy with the innovation of entrepreneurship to create impact at scale.

Financial and impact returns can coexist.

We believe ventures don’t have to choose between solid financial returns and positive social impact. That’s why we invest into scalable and profitable business ideas focused on social issues such as access to healthcare, food security, economic mobility, and climate resilience.

Inclusion is strength. Equity is power.

We will seek to allocate 100% of all venture investments to Black, Brown and women founders.

Our models will scale. Our models will travel.

We invest into novel and innovative business ideas focused on the social determinants of health and happiness in emerging communities. We'll test ideas locally and regionally first, then scale and export the ideas that work to similar communities throughout the United States.

We take a data-driven approach to impact.

Our investment decisions and performance measurements are tied to
globally-recognized social metrics to maximize positive community impact.

We leverage an ecosystem of partners.

We are partnering with regional and national organizations to identify
investments, accelerate promising ideas and scale models that gain traction.

Equilibrium General Partners